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Pepperdine Forum

March 4, 2016    
Pepperdine University, Elkins Lecture Hall  
Malibu, California  

2:00-2:15 Welcoming Remarks
  • Rick R. Marrs, Provost, Pepperdine University   
  • Bonnie Chin, President, Taiwan Benevolent Association of America  
2:15-3:00 Keynote Speech (Followed by Q&A)
  • Bruce Linghu  / Deputy Foreign Minister, Republic of China 
  • 「臺美關係之現況與展望」(Taiwan-U.S. Relations: Overview and Prospect) 
3:00-4:30 Panel Discussions
  • Moderator: Vincent Wei-cheng Wang /  Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean, University of Richmond  
  • Joel S. Fetzer / Professor of Political Science, Pepperdine University  
  • J. Christopher Soper /  Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Pepperdine University  
  • Sam Hsiao-ming Wang /  Professor in Criminal Justice, University of Houston-Downtown  
  • Robert E. Williams Jr. /  Professor of Political Science, Pepperdine University
  • Charles Wolf, Jr.  / Distinguished Chair in International Economics, RAND; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate   School

San Francisco Forum

Taiwan’s Participation in Regional and Global Economic Governance  

A public affairs forum by the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (TBAA)      

10:45 AM - 12:30 PM, August 29, 2015  
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel–San Jose: 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110  

In light of the fast-changing economic architecture in the Asia-Pacific region (APEC, TPP, RCEP, FTAAP, AIIB, etc.), the uncertain future of the WTO Doha Round, the potential contributions Taiwan can make and the obstacles it faces, and the evolving U.S. policy toward the Asia-Pacific, TBAA sponsors this conference to increase public awareness and knowledge.  It will identify the key trends in Asian regional economic integration, discusses the U.S. economic statecraft toward the region, and examines Taiwan’s case (and preparation) for TPP and other initiatives.      

  • Vinod Aggarwal, Professor of Political Science & Director of Berkeley APEC Study Center, University of California, Berkeley   
  • Lowell Dittmer, Professor of Political Science and Editor, Asian Survey, University of California, Berkeley   
  • Donald K. Emmerson, Senior Fellow Emeritus and Director, Southeast Asia Program, Stanford University    
  • Henry S. Rowen, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Director-Emeritus, Shorenstein APARC, Stanford University   
  • Vincent Wei-cheng Wang (Moderator), Professor of Political Science, University of Richmond 
Continuing its previous successful collaborative partnerships with leading think tanks, research organizations, and academic institutions since 2010 (see, TBAA organizes this conference to enhance public awareness of important issues related to Taiwan and U.S.-Taiwan relations.  Established in 1979, the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (TBAA, is a civic organization of Taiwanese-Americans with 24 chapters across the United States whose main purposes are to promote U.S.-Taiwan relations and the status of Taiwanese-Americans in the U.S.  Direct inquiries to Vincent Wang (  

The Washington Forum

U.S.-Taiwan Relations Post-Elections

The Impact of the New U.S. Congress     
(9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.)  
Shirley Kan, Former Specialist in Asian Security Affairs, Congressional Research Service 
Dennis Halpin, Visiting Fellow, Johns Hopkins SAIS and Poblete Analysis Group 
Chris Nelson, Senior Vice President, Samuels International Associates, Inc.  
Moderated by: Walter Lohman 
Director, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation  

The Impact of Taiwan’s Recent Elections 

(11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)  
Barbara Schrage, Former Director, American Institute in Taiwan 
Min-Hua Huang, Ph.D., Visiting Fellow, National Taiwan University, Brookings Institution 
Shelley Rigger, Ph.D., Brown Professor and Chair, Political Science Department, Davidson College  
Moderated by: Vincent Wang, Ph.D.
Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (TBAA) and Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean, and University of Richmond  

The Chicago Forum

“U.S. Rebalancing to Asia and Taiwan’s Geo-economic Place in the Pacific” 

A Public Affairs Symposium Sponsored by the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America

15 August 2014
Chicago Marriott Southwest
1200 Burr Ridge Pkwy, Burr Ridge, IL 60527
To enhance public understanding of American policies toward Asia and help promote closer U.S.-Taiwan partnership, the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (TBAA) will hold a conference on “U.S. Rebalancing to Asia and Taiwan’s Geo-economic Place in the Pacific” on Friday, August 15, 2014.

Taiwan’s Economic Place in the Pacific

In commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America, in cooperation with the Heritage Foundation, will examine Taiwan's place in the regional economy and the case for its participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on June 4. Taiwan continues to face challenges due to formal economic isolation with respect to regional economic architecture. Our distinguished panelists will help focus attention on this issue, as both the United States and Taiwan explore ways forward.  

Taiwan Perspective  
  • Dale Wen-chieh Jieh, Director-General, Department of Policy Planning, MOFA, Taiwan  
  • Kwei-Bo Huang, Ph.D., Secretary General, Association of Foreign Relations, Taiwan  
  • Jeff Chien-Fu Lin, Ph.D., Professor, Graduate Institute of Economics, National Taiwan University  
  • Vincent Wang, Ph.D. (Moderator), TBAA and Associate Dean, University of Richmond  
U.S. Perspective  
  • Scott Miller, Senior Advisor and Scholl Chair in International Business, CSIS
  • Tami Overby, Vice President for Asia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
Hosted By 
  • Walter Lohman, Director, Asian Studies Center

West Coast Forum

The Asia Pacific in 2014
Rebalancing, Cross-Strait Relations, and Regional Economic Integration  

A Public Affairs Symposium Co-sponsored by the University of Southern California US-China Institute, University of Richmond, Taiwan Benevolent Association of America, and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles 

February 7, 2014
University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism

Welcoming Remarks
Clayton Dube, Executive Director, USC US-China Institute
John Wu, President, Taiwan Benevolent Association of America
Bruce J.D. Linghu, Director-General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles
Reading statements by Congressman Ed Royce and Congresswoman Judy Chu

Keynote Address
Andrew N.D. Yang, Former Minister of Defense, Republic of China

Roundtable Discussion
Clayton Dube, Executive Director, USC US-China Institute
Saori Katada, Associate Professor, University of Southern California
Vincent Wang, Professor, University of Richmond
Stanley Rosen, Professor, University of Southern California
Etel Solingen, Professor, University of California, Irvine




整合鄉親力量 增進台灣品牌形象
加強草根外交 提升台美實質關係
  • 全美台灣同鄉聯誼會宗旨為「時時關心台灣,處處服務同鄉」,一方面聯絡美國地區之台灣鄉親,促進互助團結且加強提供鄉親之間的各項服務,並爭取華裔在美權益;另一方面則促進台美經貿及文化交流,協助政府推動對美外交工作。
  • 草根外交無顏色、黨派之分,草根外交委員會將利用僑界鄉親力量,向美國社會進行文化、教育推廣。因此,全面網絡僑界資源及鄉親力量,提高台灣在美國朝野各界的聲譽,進而型塑中華民國優質國家品牌形象,洵為草根外交委員會重要課題。
  • 全美台灣同鄉聯誼會歡迎在全美各地的僑界鄉親,加入草根外交委員會,為中華民國利益打拚。有意加入草根外交工作領域的鄉親,請立即行動 ... ,請與本會聯繫。謝謝!
全美台灣同鄉聯誼會會長 吳程遠
323-578-8988 /
草根外交委員會執行長 王維正
804-287-6630 /

全美台聯會倡導草根外交 發揮台灣軟實力


       此外,全美台聯會也實際在主流社會中舉辦大型文化民俗表演活動,致力推動公眾外交。該會繼去年首次在華州貝爾優市舉辦龍年春節系列活動之後,今年再次舉辦慶祝蛇年春節系列活動。根據Bellevue Square商圈提供場地及活動支援的Bellevue Collection的統計,今年吸引了大約4萬5700人次來參加這一系列的活動,刷新去年約近4萬3千人的紀錄,令人讚不絕口。


為發揮「時時關心台灣,處處服務同鄉」的宗旨、增進台美關係、促進與美國主流社會結合、推動公眾外交,全美台灣同鄉聯誼會草根外交委員會將結合參加美國國際研究學會(International Studies Association)年會之學者,於四月六日(星期六)下午二時至四時在金山灣區華僑文教服務中心舉辦「金山論壇」,題目是「東海及南海問題面面觀」,探討東海及南海問題之成因及主要週邊國的政治立場,以供朝野各界參考。



全美台聯推動文化草根活動 - 貝爾優市新春慶會


     論壇由傳統基金會亞洲研究中心主任Walter Lohman及全美台灣同鄉聯誼會房苔蒂會長共同主持,並特別邀請專程前來華府參加「全美祈禱早餐會」之前立法委員雷倩女士擔任專題演講人。雷倩表示,台灣雖非聯合國會員,但不代表台灣在國際上沒有發聲權,台灣可以扮演地區和平的締造者,並在東海及南海問題上,作出積極貢獻。大會另展開兩場座談,由業界人士及專家學者談論台美經貿議題,講員包括美台商會會長Rupert Hammond、美國企業研究所經濟學者Claude Barfield、戰略暨國際研究中心政經主任Matthew Goodman及傳統基金會資深研究員Derek Scissors等人。隨後美國國務院前亞太副助卿Randy Schriver、傳統基金會研究員Dean Cheng、前美國副總統辦公室副國家安全顧問Stephen Yates、傳統基金會亞洲研究中心主任Walter Lohman及美國里奇蒙大學政治系教授王維正等人,並針對政治安全議題進行研討,現場近300名與會者亦加入熱烈討論。




     金溥聰還表示,拜訪美國第一重要的工作就是在美國國會多交朋友,贏得國會對台支持,對行政部門做到零誤差,沒有雜音的溝通,也將強化「草根外交」,增加各地州政府與台灣的互動。 東森新聞記者張文祥/美國華府報導)

王福權投書 宣揚東海倡議

全美台灣同鄉聯誼會草根外交委員會委員王福權十二月十二日在美國「華盛頓時報」(The Washington Times)投書指出,中華民國總統馬英九提出的「東海和平倡議」是確保東北亞區域安全具體可行方案。









     王福權表示,外交委員會可望於本屆年會過關,首屆執行長屬意理奇蒙大學(University of Richmond)教授王維正,王維正與智庫有密切聯繫,也對國際關係與政治有所涉獵足堪大任。未來委員會成立後,首要工作是鼓勵美方派遣高層官員訪台、加速對台免簽證待遇,恢復台美貿易暨投資架構協定的談判。
     王維正指出,國民外交無顏色、黨派之分,尤其台灣現在政黨輪替已為常態,草根外交委員會將利用民間力量,向美國社會進行文化、教育推廣。他說,早在委員會成立前已形成一套架構,過去主要是由他、王福權等學者向美方投書建言,藉此讓主流關切台美議題。他相信在美方重視選民服務的基礎上,未來可透過台聯會各地會員,向選區議員遊說以擴大影響力。(世界新聞網-北美華人社區新聞 / 記者陳光立聖蓋博報導)


  • 集結全美台聯各地台灣鄉親力量,使全美台聯能在美國扮演更積極重要的角色; 為了表達全美各地台灣鄉親關切的議題,也為了對美國政府的對台政策提出強而有力的諍言,以維護中華民國的永續發展及促進所有台灣人民的長遠福祉。

TBAA Grassroots Diplomacy Council

  • Recently there has been an unprecedented volume of talk, some of it serious, to the possibility that the United States of backing away from its arms sales to Taiwan. Taiwan desperately needs new fighters and the proposed arms deals reflected the public opinions in both Taiwan and the United States. Without new fighter jets and upgrades to its existing fleet of F-16s, Taiwan will be dangerously exposed to Chinese military threats, aggression and provocation, which pose significant national security implications for the United States.

By-Laws of the Grassroots Diplomacy Council

Article I— NameThe Committee shall be known as the TBAA Grassroots Diplomacy Council.
Article II— Purpose
2.1 Mission
It is the mission of this Council to collaborate with TBAA and make recommendations that result in helping the US government, congress, and society enhance the mutual understanding and cultivate consolidated interactions between US and Taiwan.


全美台灣同鄉聯誼會2011年3月7日中午與史丹福大學「民主發展與法治中心」(CDDRL)聯合舉辦「金山論壇」,邀請台灣政治大學政治系教授、前國安會副秘書長何思因演講「國際關係理論與兩岸關係」(International Relations Theory and Cross-strait Relations)。史丹福大學教授戴雅門(Larry Diamond),全美台聯會李偉欽擔任講評。經文處副處長王海龍,文教中心主任黃公弼、副主任高家富、胡佛研究員郭岱君、胡佛檔案館亞洲部主任林孝庭及灣區僑界將近百人出席論壇。


為了促進台灣和美國的交流,全美台聯會配合一年一度的白宮早餐祈禱會於2010年2月5日,在華府與美國傳統基金會合辦「華府論壇」,邀請參加早餐祈禱會的台灣代表團團員、美國國會議員、美國智庫學者、代表處官員、本會理事顧問們參加此盛會。論壇的主題為"Future of the US-Taiwan Economic Relationship",討論美國牛肉、軍購等和台灣有切身關係的議題;論壇邀請到Dr. Derek Scissors, Research Fellow in Asia Economics; Mr. Rupert Hammond-Chambers, President, US-Taiwan Business Council; Dr. Vincent Wang, Richmond University and Dr. Merritt T. Cooke, Founder, GC3 Strategy, Inc.等重量級的引言人。