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By-Laws of the Grassroots Diplomacy Council

Article I— NameThe Committee shall be known as the TBAA Grassroots Diplomacy Council.
Article II— Purpose
2.1 Mission
It is the mission of this Council to collaborate with TBAA and make recommendations that result in helping the US government, congress, and society enhance the mutual understanding and cultivate consolidated interactions between US and Taiwan.

2.2 Objective
To achieve this objective, the Council will provide US policy makers, the media, scholars and the general public with information on issues related to Taiwan. We shall establish relationships with the Washington based think tanks; and work with institutions, associations, and other stakeholders to develop, implement, and evaluate approaches for co-host diplomacy forums to search for suitable ways for Taiwan to enhance its standing in the United States and to expand the nation’s diplomatic interests by facilitating discussion to establish a dialogue designed to inform and influence.
2.3 Goals
The Council shall establish a multi-years partnership with a Washington based think tank to hold periodic seminars and dialogues, conducts research projects, and makes policy recommendations to help the US government and society enhance the mutual understanding and cultivate consolidated interactions between US and Taiwan. 
Article III— Council Directors

3.1 Basis
There shall be twenty (20) Council Directors. Council Directors shall include, but not be limited to, members of the TBAA Board of Directors and members of the TBAA Advisory Board.
3.2 Requirements
Considering the issue from a variety of perspectives, all Council Directors shall have experience in, or expressed commitment to, advancing grassroots diplomacy to advocate the United States to comply fully with the terms of the Taiwan Relations Act, thereby to influence Washington not to accommodate Beijing's demands to stop selling arms to Taipei as long as China continues its military buildup opposite Taiwan's shores.
3.3 Nominations Committee
Council directors shall be elected based on recommendations from the Nominations Committee and the greatest number of affirmative votes from all voting Council members. The Nominations Committee shall include but not be limited to the TBAA President, Council Managing Director, and a director of the Council. The Nominations Committee shall, to the extent practicable, nominate a slate of candidates that reflects the mission and objectives of the Council and provides for a balanced representation from the all TBAA membership charters.
3.4 Attendance
If Council Directors miss two (2) consecutive Council meetings, they are subject to removal from the Council after review by the Executive Secretary of the Council and the TBAA President.
3.5 Terms of Council Member
Council Directors will serve terms of two (2) years. In its initial year the Council will establish staggered terms, with one-half (1/2) of the members serving one (1) year terms and one half (1/2) of the members serving two (2) year terms.
Article IV— Meeting

4.1 Schedule of Council Meeting
Council meetings shall be held at least annually at a time and place determined by the Council.
4.2 Quorum
Attendance, either in person, proxy, or by telephone, by 51 percent of membership shall constitute a quorum.
4.3 Voting
Council Directors must be present either in person, proxy, or telephonically in order to vote at all meetings. Each member is entitled to one vote. Except as otherwise provide herein, all actions are determined by majority vote of those in attendance.
Article V— Officer

5.1 Appointment of Officer
The Managing Director of the Council shall be appointed by the President of TBAA to a term of one year at the TBAA annual meeting each year. The Managing Director shall be responsible for communications between the Council and the TBAA and within the Council; and for supporting the work of the Council.
5.2 Duties of Officers
The duties of the Managing Director shall be as follows: The Managing Director shall preside at all meetings of the Council and perform all such other duties as are incident to the office and that are properly required by the Council. The Council, by resolution, may establish other duties of the Managing Director.
5.3 Vacancies
Vacancies in Managing Director shall be filled promptly by the President of TBAA, either at an annual meeting or at a special meeting called for the purpose of appointing a replacement and a successor shall be appointed for the unexpired term.
Article VI— Amendments

6.1 Voting on Amendments
These Bylaws may be amended or repealed by an affirmative vote of the majority of members in good standing at any meeting of the Council. Written notice of the substance of the proposed amendment will be sent to all members not less than seven (7) days prior to the time at which it is submitted for a vote. Changes in the Bylaws go into effect immediately following their adoption.
6.2 Effective of Amendments
Bylaws may also be amended by written resolution signed by not less than two-thirds of the Council members in good standing. Such amendment shall be effective immediately upon delivery to the TBAA President.
Article VII— Dissolution

Any proposal for the dissolution of the Council must be sent to each member not less than 90 days prior to the vote. A decision in favor of dissolution requires approval of two-thirds of the voting membership present at the meeting.